Astrology Predictions Using Your Birth Date

Astrology Predictions Using Your Birth Date

Is it possible to make Astrology predictions using your birth date?

According to the ancient Greeks, it is! Humankind has actually used the study of the stars, planets and their movement to make predictions for the past 5,000 years. In fact, in the ancient civilizations of both Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was very common for members of the ruling class to have their own private Astronomers in their employ. They would function in area of advisor or scholar to their employer.

In it's most broad definition, Astrology is the study of celestial bodies and their affect on human personality. Western Astrology is a science that is based on the belief that humankind is divided among twelve different personality types.

These types are determined by the positions of the sun and planets during the time of the persons birth. The twelve signs are further divided into air, earth, fire and water signs to represent the four elements. This differs somewhat from Chinese Astrology, which is closely aligned with Chinese philosophy.

While Chinese Astrology does rely on the alignment of the Sun, Moon and planets, it is also dependent on the orbit of the planet Jupiter during the time of birth to make astrology predictions using the birth date. The twelve animal signs of Chinese Astrology run is a 12 year cycle based on the almost twelve year orbit of Jupiter around the Sun. These animal signs are used to predict which of the twelve personality types an individual born during that year will exihibit.

A movement is curently underway to combine the sciences of Western Astrology with that of Chinese Astrology. It is believed that a consolidation of these two ancient systems may hold the best option yet for forming the most complete astrological predictions using your birth date.

This collaboration is known as New Astrology and it operates by basically determining not only your Western Astrological sign, but your Chinese Astrological sign as well. In other words, using Western Astrology, your sign may be a scorpio, but under Chinese Astrology your sign may be a rooster.

New Astrology would then be used to determine your personality type as a scorpio/rooster. This can be produce an entirely different personality than say, someone who is a scorpio/dragon, even though they are both scorpios. It is hoped that this emerging new branch in the field of astrology will provides the clearest snapshot yet of the personality of the complex human animal.

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