Patti Hansen Cancer Survivor

Patti Hansen was born on March 17, 1956 in Staten Island, New York. She amrried Rolling Stone, Keith Richards on December 18, 1983 and has two lovely daughters with him. She and her husband now live in a home, in Connecticut, that they had built in 1990.

Patti was working at her fathers hot dog stand, when she was discovered for modeling, at the age of sixteen. This began her modeling career, which turned out to be a HUGE success. She posed for such magazines as "Vogue" and "Glamour". She, also, modeled for Calvin Klein and Revlon. She tried her hand at acting, too. She was in a handful of movies such as "Rich Kids" in 1979.

In 2007, Patti began to have some medical problems. She began to urinate blood. Within days, doctors had found a mass in her bladder. She began chemo and had to undergo a very intricate surgery. She had her bladder removed and a new one, made from her intestine, replaced it. Doctors, also, had to perform a full hysterectomy and remove her appendix.

Patti made a full recovery. She bounced back like the trooper that she has always been. She has had no problems with her new bladder. She even has stated that it is like having a bionic-bladder. She will never have to wear adult diapers or have problems "going". She has shown everyone that bladder cancer does not always mean death.

Bladder cancer was thought to have only affected men until the last couple of decades. We see it in women more often, now. As a matter of fact, women are twice as likely to die from the disease than men are. And, smoking causes a womans risk of developing bladder cancer go up, almost, fifty percent. Also, the risk is higher in whites.

Patti is one of the lucky ones that did not let cancer take over her life. And, she beat it! In most cases, the tumor is not completely removed. If that is the case, the patient must have regular check-ups, make sure that they are on a healthy and balanced diet, and drink plenty of water throughout each day. Taking these steps will help to prevent a cancer "flare-up".

If you are concerned that you may have cancer, and STD or other infection, you can get blood work done at your local doctor's office or a place like Personal Labs.

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