The Appeal of Dancing With the Stars

The Appeal of Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a smash-hit reality television series which airs on the ABC network in the United States and CTV in Canada.

Dancing with the Stars was based on the British television series Strictly Come Dancing and follows a similar theme where celebrities and famous personalities pair up with professional dancers. The pairs compete against each other in elimination rounds each week.

Some of the famous personalities that have competed in the hit reality show are musician Kelly Osbourne, model and actress Pamela Anderson and French actor Gilles Marini. The fame and star quality of the show’s participants are perhaps some of the reasons behind the appeal of Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the Stars was first aired in the United States in June 2005 and has since broadcast 195 episodes. The format of the BBC reality TV show Strictly Come Dancing, which was the basis for Dancing with the Stars, has been licensed for viewing in more than 30 countries and to create several more versions.

It has been produced in countries like Australia, Brazil, Japan, France, Greece, Germany, and Argentina. This is but one proof of the appeal of Dancing with the Stars to a variety of audiences throughout the globe.

Tom Bergeron is the main host of Dancing with the Stars, and throughout the show’s 11 seasons he has had different co-hosts. Among them are American radio host Lisa Canning, Samantha Harris from E!, and model and Dancing with the Stars Season 7 champion Brooke Burke.

The participants in Dancing with the Stars are a colorful lot with different degrees of fame and talent, but they all begin with equal footing in the show. The competition’s panel of judges primarily gives marks ranging from 1 to 10 for each pair of contestants. The audience can also give their support for their contestant of choice by voting through various medium such as the online voting at the ABC website, a toll-free number, and through SMS.

Currently there is an influx of reality TV shows all over the world. The appeal of Dancing with the Stars mirrors this trend but what sets the show apart is that it has a thrilling mix of talent, star power, and competition, and presents them in an exciting dance floor setting.

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