The Latest News on The Kardashians

The Latest News on The Kardashians

The latest news on the Kardashians is that sister Khloe may finally have a bun in the oven. Kim was seen buying pregnancy tests in a drugstore in London last week but since she is not seeing anyone the speculation is that it is more likely that they were for Khloe. Only time will tell if there is another little Kardashian in the works.

Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner have spent the past week living it up in Europe. Apparently, the two stayed at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for the past week while visiting France. The highlight of their trip seems to have been lots of shopping.

Pictures were taken by paparazzi this morning as Kim Kardashian left the Ritz in Paris. She was carrying a new orange ostrich skin Hermes bag that retails for around $30,000. Her mother, Kris, carried one that was smaller and about a third of the price.

While Kim and Kris were in Paris there was some minor legal issues arise. A company who manufactures adult novelty items announced intentions to release a blow up doll designed after Kim called Kinky Kim Filthy Lovin Dolly. Kardashian promptly signed a cease and desist order to prevent the release of the doll in her likeness.

In other Kim news, she released a statement this week declaring her lack of desire for children for the moment. Seeing her sister Kourtney be a mother has slowed her want to have babies. She did not state she wanted to stay childless permanently only for the time being.

Kourtney herself is always in the news regarding her ongoing relationship drama with boyfriend Scott Disick. She recently made a statement that there has been a marked improvement in their relationship recently. They have been going to relationship counseling and for the moment all seems to be well.

Disick has been portrayed as a bad-tempered party boy on the past four seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's about time that he gets his act together and acts like a grown up. Since the inception of the show we have seen the many faces of Scott and his drunken tantrums.

In other latest news from the Kardashians, the sisters are in the plans to release an autobiography soon entitled Kardashian Confidential. The book will be released on Novemeber 23rd of this year in time for the holiday season.

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