The Outrageous Outfits of Lady Gaga

The Outrageous Outfits of Lady Gaga

First celebrities got away with softened legal punishment for their actions, just look at the relapsed Lindsay Lohan, but now with artists pushing clothing boundaries like Lady Gaga, you can even fly nearly naked across the country.

Headlines over the past years have shown discrimination against woman on flights for shorts that are too short or deep necklines. However recent news shows Lady Gaga can travel in whatever clothes she would like.

Since her mark on the pop music scene the “big news” at every award show is the outrageous outfits of Lady Gaga. Her outfits began with one piece leotards over tights and evolved into meat dresses making a statement. Throughout the years the “art” as she likes to call it has gone over the top to the point she finds it “artistic” to wear only a Yankees jersey over a black bra and panties set.

Lady GaGa Makes Statements Through Her Clothes

In 2010 the outrageous outfits of Lady Gaga made the news when she flew cross-country in a barely there bra and panties-esque outfit containing handcuffs. The outfit caused rage as she was given special permission to fly in the non-family-friendly outfit while people wearing far more conservative outfits were kicked off flights in the past.

This latest escapade has people wondering if the outrageous outfits of Lady Gaga have gone too far. It also leaves people questioning when celebrities will really be treated like everyone else. The airlines commented that her outfit fit the company’s standards including the metal handcuffs she was not required to remove while walking through security. It was also noted that she walked through security like everyone else, minus a few brinks of security procedure.

Lady Gaga’s airplane was not the only the outrageous outfit that made the news this week. PETA is after Lady Gaga after her appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a dress made of meat. The animal rights group felt it was promoting the slaughtering of animals when the artist argued it was making a statement regarding the “meat on your bones.”

Regardless what intentions she has, there is no stopping the outrageous outfits of Lady Gaga.

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