Different Types of Acts Comedians Perform

Different Types of Acts Comedians Perform

A look at some different types of acts comedians perform.

Comedians are a unique breed among entertainers. They are both writers and performers, yet they are rarely professionally trained, and most do not sing, dance, nor act. They travel from town to town, sharing funny insights and ideas about themselves, and life in general.

There are a few different types of acts comedians perform, and sometimes different comedians use some of the same material, but no two comedians are really the same. Each performer brings a bit of themselves into their act.

The person is the act.

A big part of the creative process for a comedian is to just be one's self, and let things fly. In that sense, an act isn't necessarily all an act. A big part of the comedian's true personality comes through in the performance. That being said, there are five basic categories of different types of acts comedians perform.

Prop comedy.

These comedians use many types of objects, from rubber chickens, and beyond, to get people to laugh. In the 1970's, a comedian named Gallagher was famous for spraying the audience by smashing watermelons with a sledge hammer.

Physical Comedy.

Some performers are genius at physical comedy. Ellen Degeneres is a good example of this type of comedian. To hear or read her comedy without seeing her facial expressions and physical movements is to only experience half of her act.

Insult comedy.

This comedian gets laughs by slinging insults. Audience members are sometimes the targets of these insult/jokes, so this is not a show for the faint of heart. This type of act is often ad-lib. Talk about just being yourself and letting things fly! Comedian Don Rickles was one of the most famous insult comics of all time.

Political comedy.

Political comedy is a great way to look at the lighter side of the news. Political comedians stay abreast of the goings-on in the world of politics, and extract all the funny stuff. Popular T.V. shows like The Daily Show with John Stewart, and the Colbert Report are winners in the ratings.

Gossip comedy.

Gossip comedy, like political comedy, is very time-sensitive and topical. Comedians like Joan Rivers, David Spade and most notably, Kathy Griffin, are adept at staying current on the happenings among the rich and famous, and making fun of them.

Which type of stand-up comedy tickles you the most?

No matter which style you prefer, stand-up can be outstanding!

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