Good Family Movies to Watch Together

Good Family Movies to Watch Together

Family movies are those which are suitable and entertaining for family members of all ages.

A family movie may have elements of fantasy geared towards children while also throwing in clever jokes for the entertainment of teenagers and adults. However, a movie will often be marketed as a "family movie", yet it is solely targeted at young children.

On the flip side, a "family movie" may have too much adult content, creating unease for parents who wish to explain the birds and bees to their children later on and without the assistance of a movie. The following is a compilation of good family movies to watch together and are truly befitting for all age groups.

Few companies have consistently produced movies as critically acclaimed as Pixar, a CGI animation company. Pixar productions are all good family movies to watch together because they are loved by children, teenagers, and adults alike. Even those picky movie critics struggle to find reasons to complain about these artful, computerized movies.

One of the most popular Pixar movies that transcends age barriers is Finding Nemo. Children love the talking sea creatures in Finding Nemo while parents will appreciate the metaphors about "letting go" to let children explore and grow. Other Pixar movies with similar forms of double entertainment and life metaphors are Toy Story, Ratatouille, and WALL-E.

Disney is a reliable, tried-and-true company that produces good family movies to watch together. Out of Disney's collection of animated movies, The Lion King always ranks as one of its best. In the mind of a child, the sibling rivalry between the protagonist, Mufasa, and the antagonist, Scar, will likely translate into the exciting Good Guy Vs. Bad Guy story line.

Adults might find more complexity in the plot, especially since Mufasa may remind them of that egotistically noble, holier-than-thou coworker that they can't stand. Out of Disney's non-animated movies, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is the perfect family movie. Kids will love the quarrels between the three talking pets while the whole family will enjoy the suspenseful adventure.

Other examples of good family movies to watch together are: Kung Fu Panda, Babe, ET: The Extra-Terrestial, Shrek, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Happy Days, The Princess Bride, The Santa Clause, and Back to the Future.

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