Upcoming Male Actors To Keep An Eye On

Upcoming Male Actors To Keep An Eye On

Being a new actor in Hollywood can be difficult these days.

While many men strive to become the latest sensation, very few actually succeed in doing this. An actor not only needs the good looks and charming personality to back it up, but he also needs the sexy body.

While many males with these characteristics try and fail, there are a few who become the newest heartthrob. So who exactly are the upcoming male actors that we all need to keep an eye on?

One of the first actors to make this list is Michael Cera. Michael not only has boyish good looks, but also a great sense of humor that has led to his casting in many comedies. His quick wit and charm will only help him to maintain his current success.

Jeremy Renner may not be a new actor to Hollywood, but he definitely an upcoming male actor you need to keep an eye on. While most people know Jeremy from his role in “The Hurt Locker”, he is also starring in “The Town”, which Ben Affleck also directs and stars in. Jeremy is proof that years of hard work and dedication finally can pay off in the end.

Sam Worthington is the third male actor that will catch anyone’s eye. Sam’s performance as Jake Sully on “Avatar” earned him some much needed attention. His most recent performance in “Clash of the Titans” has also earned him lead roles in several upcoming films that are sure to please.

The fourth upcoming male actor to watch out for is Christopher Waltz. Although Christopher may nearly double in age to all the other actors on the list, he is growing in popularity after starring in “Inglorious Basterds.” While Christopher isn’t new to acting, he is new to the acting scene in Hollywood.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is the last upcoming male actor to make this list. His most famous role was in “Superbad”, where he co-starred with Michael Cera. Christopher has since starred in several movies and has several that are currently in production.

So what do all the above actors have in common? They are all charming, sexy, and intelligent, but range in ages. They are all seeing success in their roles and are sure to see more in the future. Everyone needs to keep an eye out for these actors in their upcoming movies.

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