What Is The Best Way to Rent Movies

There are so many different options available to rent currently released movies. There are many factors to consider when wanting to figure out what is the best way to rent movies.

The cheapest way to rent current movies is to rent them through a video rental kiosk. Blockbuster and Red Box have kiosks available in grocery stores, drug stores and the big box stores. Rentals are $1.00 per night, but you need a credit card or debit card to pay for your rental. The selection choice on video rental kiosks are somewhat limited due to space constraints, and you most likely will not be able to find older movie titles.

Another option to rent movies is to use a mail delivery service. With this choice you pay a monthly membership and your movie choices are mailed directly to you. There are different tier options that you can sign up for, the price is determined on how many movie rentals you want to rent each month.

Signing up for the most expensive level might be the best way to rent movies if you know that you rent a lot of movies each month. This option can save you a lot of money and it is very convenient to have the movies mailed to your house, when you are done viewing the movies you mail them back in a prepaid envelope. Both Netflix and Blockbuster offer mail delivery service.

You can also download movies online through a few different venues. This may not be the best way to rent movies if you do not plan on watching the movie within 24 hours of renting it. You can download movies to your computer or to a tv that is internet capable. These options are the speediest way to rent movies. You can rent movies online through such companies as Blockbuster, and Netflix.

Of course there is still the tried and true way to rent movies, which is physically going into a store, and browsing through the aisles. This option it seems is becoming a less popular way to rent movies. With all of the the convenient ways to rent movies without ever having to leave your home one has to wonder if brick and mortar video rental stores will become a thing of the past, and if this is really the best way to rent movies.

Use Blockbuster for online movie rental. Get movies whenever you feel like it. Watch them at home or on your computer.

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