Different Types of Guitars and Their Sounds

Different Types of Guitars and Their Sounds

Guitars have the ability to make some of the most beautiful sound that one can hear. There are many different types of guitars, and each one will make a different sound and music.

Acoustic or Classical Guitars are a traditional type of guitar that can make a deep rich sound. Smaller Acoustic Guitars tend to have a lighter sound. There is a sound hole in the middle of the guitar that allows it to be heard without any additional amplification. Acoustic guitars can be picked or strummed.

Electric Guitars are used in a variety of different types of music, rock, jazz, blues and even pop musicians use electric guitars. Electric guitars generally do not have a sound hole in them; they are usually solid bodied and use an amplifier or amplification system to be heard.

Electric guitar strings are thinner than those of an acoustic guitar; this makes them easier to play because the player does not have to press as hard on the strings in order to play. Like acoustic guitars, electric guitars can be finger picked or strummed.

The Archtop guitar can either come in an electric or acoustic variety. The differences with these guitars are the sound that it makes. These guitars have an arched top and a sound block as well as cut outs on the top like a violin. These guitars are popular with blues and jazz musicians.

The Steel Guitar is very different from any other guitar, it is often played on the players lap or while leaning in its stand. These guitars are also played with a steel slide. It is tuned differently than traditional guitars, because it is often tuned while using foot and knee pedals while the musician is playing it. These guitars are known for their sound in country and bluegrass music.

Bass Guitars have longer necks and thicker strings; they make the deep sound of the bass lines in music. Bass guitars are often known to parts of rhythm sections of bands. There are both electric and acoustic bass guitars.

These are just a few of the different types of guitars that can be played, even though they may all look alike, each of them make very different sounds.

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