Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash For Bad Breath

Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash For Bad Breath

Characterized by a bad odor from the mouth, it can be an embarrassing social disability.

Bad breath can be a cause for denial of employment, failing in a business situation, even assignment to a low social status. At one time or another, everyone has encountered it in others or had it themselves.

Bad breath, or halitosis, plagues many people.

There are four major sources of bad breath: the mouth, the upper respiratory tract, the lungs and the stomach. 80% of all cases originate in the mouth.

The teeth, gums, and tongue (especially the back of the tongue) are the structures where bad breath originates in the mouth. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a treatment. But why does hydrogen peroxide work for bad breath?

Bacteria produce bad breath

Bad breath originating in the structures of the mouth is caused by sulfur compounds created by anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria grow and proliferate in areas of the body where oxygen is limited, like in the mouth. These bacteria metabolize proteins from dead tissue cells, blood, and mucous.

The proteins contain amino acids, some of which contain sulfur. The sulfur compounds are converted to waste products called Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC’s). The VSC waste products contain hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide. It is these compounds that are responsible for the odors of rotten egg, rotten cabbage, and rotten vegetables - the major cause of bad breath in the mouth.

Why hydrogen peroxide works for bad breath

Disruption of the volatile sulfur compounds as well as the anaerobic bacteria can readily be accomplished by a gargle or mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide liberates oxygen. The liberated oxygen combines with the volatile sulfur compounds to neutralize them, thus removing the compounds responsible for bad breath. The oxygen from hydrogen peroxide also kills the anaerobic bacteria which generate the VSC’s.

How to use hydrogen peroxide for treatment of bad breath

Hydrogen peroxide is readily available as a 3% solution at your local drug store or pharmacy, you can also find it at online pharmacy and have it shipped right to your door. When ordering online you have the option of higher concentrations, this is, however, too concentrated to use in the mouth. Even with only the 4% sollution, it should be diluted. Dilute the solution one to one with water to make a 1.5% solution. The solution can be brushed directly on the tongue with a toothbrush.

Most people prefer to use it as a mouthwash and gargle for 30 seconds, then spit it out. Do not swallow the solution. Hydrogen peroxide tastes terrible, which is why it may be worthwhile to use a commercial mouthwash afterwards.

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