Vegetables To Eat To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Having high blood sugar is a challenge.

Even with medication and proper diet and exercise one may not be able to keep blood sugar subdued. The challenge is finding the right balance of diet and exercise. Vegetables play an important role with fluctuating blood sugar. High in vitamins and nutrients vegetables are a top choice when it comes to managing blood sugar. However not all vegetables are created equal.

Potatoes are to be avoided when possible. Full of carbohydrates potatoes should not be considered. Although a grain corn is often considered a vegetable and should be avoided as well. Surprisingly carrots should be avoided as well. Most of these vegetables are OK on occasion once you have your blood sugar manages well. For now we will avoid these.

When choosing vegetables to eat to help lower your blood sugar broccoli is the best place to start. Full of vitamins and nutrients, broccoli is low in carbohydrates and have a good amount of fiber. Related to broccoli, cabbage is another good alternative for lowering blood sugar. Cabbage is loaded with vitamins, low in carbohydrates, and has a nice amount of fiber. If you find these vegetables unappealing at first trying some different recipes that are low in fat and carbohydrates that include these vegetables.

Some other wonderful vegetables to eat to hep lower your blood sugar is cucumbers, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and kale. With vegetables you have to be careful however. Eating vegetables raw is the best way to get the most out of them. When sauces or creams are added to most vegetables it changes everything. Most creams and sauces are full of fat, oils, and carbohydrates. Try whenever possible to eat vegetables raw. Adding some lemon juice or a very light salad dressing might help you get used to eating more vegetables.

The best choice is stick with raw vegetables whenever possible. Avoid adding any additional calories or carbs to your vegetables. Any diet that is high in vegetable content and low in fat is going to be the best option for someone who is looking for vegetables to lower their blood sugar.

Knowledge is power. With the right tools you can conquer your blood sugar. Always remember to just do the best that you can do. It make take time to see results but don't give up. Another thing to remember that is sometimes no matter how hard you try controlling blood sugar can be a tricky thing and sometimes even proper diet and exercise doesn't help. Don't get discouraged, now go eat your veggies.

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