What Are The Best Fruits For Diabetics to Eat

What Are The Best Fruits For Diabetics to Eat

Most people perceive fruits as a healthy alternative to sugary snacks.

The difference between fruits and many deserts is not that fruits are sugar-free, but that fruits contain natural sugars. Fruits are still a good choice for a snack even for diabetics, but some items in this food group help control a person's blood sugar levels better than others.

So, a diabetic or a person charged who must select food for a person with diabetes may wonder which fruits provide the best option for people with this condition.

The simple apple is one of the best fruits for diabetes. The red fruit, which is the first one to be mentioned in the King James version of the Bible, actually helps lower blood sugar. It also grows throughout many parts of the world and is easily accessible.

The pectin found in the skin of the apple and the in the fruit itself helps lower a person's blood sugar. The apple also has benefits that are not related to diabetes. It can help treat depression. People who want to lose weight can eat the apple freely. Most people consume more energy eating the apple than they get from it.

The grapefruit's low sugar content makes it a good snack for people with diabetes, but it also helps the body control the amount of sugar it produces. The taste of this fruit is not universally appreciated and many people find grapefruit bitter. People with high blood sugar might want to consider adding one or two servings a day. Studies have shown that it also reduces an individual's risk of developing Type II diabetes in later life.

Another good fruit that helps regulate the productions of sugars and starches in the pancreas is not well-known in the Western World. The Jambul fruit, native to India, has not caught on outside of its native region. Medical practitioners in India sometimes use the fruit of the tree and the bark as a diabetes treatment, although the tests on the effectiveness of this treatment are largely inconclusive.

While watching what you eat is a good way to help control blood sugar, other factors can raise or lower an individual's blood sugar. Diabetes patients, regardless of which type they suffer, must carefully monitor their blood sugar. If a patient is uncertain about which foods work best, he should consult a medical professional for additional advice about diabetic diets.

You can get a free meal plan and learn what foods and fruits are best to control your diabetes.

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