How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

Many people wonder how to get rid of upper back fat.

While it is impossible to lose weight from only one specific area of the body, the upper back is an area that can be toned with a few simple strength and toning moves.

It is important to also lose overall body fat through a healthy diet and cardiovascular workouts. The combination of losing weight while at the same time developing and toning muscles in the upper back is a good recipe for how to get rid of upper back fat.


Regular cardiovascular workouts are the best way to reduce overall body fat. Aim for thirty minutes five days a week for optimal health. Running is a quick and simple ways to get in cardio either outside or on the treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym.

Find cardio activities that you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to stick with the routine. Swimming, biking, or taking a fitness class are all good options. The row machine at the gym is a great way to get a cardio workout and also work on toning the arms and back.

Strength Training

There are several strength training exercises that can help tone the upper back. The rear delt fly, also sometimes called the ladybug, is one such move that can help tone upper back muscles. To perform the ladybug, stand with a light weight (start with three to five pounds) in each hand and lean forward with knees slightly bent.

Bring arms back and to the sides, bending elbows slightly and pulling shoulder blades together in the back. Hold for a count and bring arms down. Repeat for one to three sets of twelve repetitions. Increase sets and weight if desired.


Yoga or pilates exercises can help to tone muscles in the upper back. Taking a class is a great way to stretch and tone muscles. Swimming is one pilates move that can help to tone the back. Lay on your stomach on a yoga mat and lift arms and legs off the ground.

Quickly alternate lifting and lowering each arm about six inches of the ground while simultaneously kicking alternating legs. Continue for thirty seconds, then hold arms and legs off the ground, lower and relax.

A combination of strength training, toning, and cardio workouts is how to get rid of upper back fat and maintain a healthy body.

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