The Shake Weight Exercise Workout

Shake Weight Exercise

Would you like to strengthen and tone your upper body in as little as six minutes a day?

If that sounds easily achievable then the Shake Weight Exercise may be just what you are looking for.

The Shake Weight Exercise workout dumbbell is different than standard dumbbell workouts since it is done with a special pulsating dumbbell that works out your arms, shoulders and chest and can actually increase muscle activity by 300% compared to standard dumbbell workouts.

The Shake Weight workout system is available for both women and men. The Shake Weight for women weighs in at 3.5 pounds while the Official Shake Weight for Men dumbbell weighs 5 pounds. Each Shake Weight dumbbell comes with a workout dvd that offers a variety of exercises for strengthening and toning your upper body.

Benefits of Using the Shake Weight Exercise

Many of us have a hard time sticking with an exercise routine. Long sessions at the gym can be exhausting while even the easiest workout dvds can be long and boring. Shake Weight workouts are quick to do, which means there is no need to skip your fitness routine, even on the busiest of days.

The Shake Weight dumbbell does not have a motor or require batteries, instead you set it into motion. You may be skeptical about getting an effective workout in such as short time. However, many Shake Weight users will tell you that not only do they feel the effects of the workout almost immediately, many start to see muscle definition in just a few weeks.

Exercise Anywhere

Shake Weight Men

The Shake Weight workout routine is also simple to learn. In fact, once you memorize the full workout as well as learn the proper techniques you can do your workout just about anywhere.

For example, you can exercise while watching tv or outside, and since it is easy to fit in your gym bag or suitcase there is no reason to leave it behind when you travel.

Eating a healthy diet and following a fitness regimen is important for good health. And while doing a variety of workouts that include strength training and cardio is a great way to reach your fitness goals, working out with the Shake Weight is a great way to get started.

After all, seeing fast results by following the Shake Weight Exercise workout routine will most likely inspire you to add other exercise routines to your health and fitness regimen.

There is a shake weight exercise workout for women and men which helps strengthen your upper arms.

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