Use a Treadmill When You Are Unable To Run

Use a Treadmill When You Are Unable To Run

Maybe you are a runner who has suffered an injury.

Maybe you are just getting started with a fitness routine and don’t have the physical conditioning to run yet. No matter what the reason, you can use a treadmill when you are unable to run.

The treadmill is the most popular piece of cardio equipment for exercisers both in-home and in the gym. Rain nor wind nor snow nor heat will prevent you from getting in a treadmill workout. You can also use it any time of night or day.

Not only is the treadmill convenient, but it also can give you an outstanding workout. Because treadmills offer the user the ability to adjust the incline and the speed of belt, even if you are unable to run, you can use a treadmill to get an intense workout.

For those who are used to getting an intense workout from running, you can maintain the intensity of your workouts by increasing the incline to its maximum and power walking. You might be surprised at just how fast you can walk. Many walkers can maintain a speed of 4.0 to 4.5 miles per hour.

Interval training is another excellent way to get an intense workout. When interval training, you alternate going full throttle at faster speeds and higher inclines with recovery periods at slower speeds and lower inclines. As you increase your conditioning, you increase the time of high intensity periods and decrease the time of the recovery periods. Interval training is also useful for preventing boredom during your workouts.

Novice exercisers can enjoy the versatility of a treadmill workout and the ability to monitor improvements in stamina. You can gradually increase your speed and incline, going a little faster with a little more resistance each time. It also helps you to push yourself by maintaining a steady pace.

Regardless of your ability level, here are few tips for anyone using the treadmill. Maintain the same form that you use when walking on land. Stand up straight and pump your arms. That means hands off! Always begin your workout with a five-minute warm-up and end with at least a five-minute cool-down to help prevent injuries.

Now, there are no more excuses. Even when you are unable to run, use a treadmill to get a great workout!

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