Liquid Diet Weight Loss Facts

Liquid Diet Weight Loss Facts

With 20 million dieters in the United States at any given time, over $1 billion dollars is being spent each year on liquid diets.

With so much interest in Liquid Diet Weight Loss – All You Need to Know is really important, especially if you are thinking about this as a possible approach to your desire to lose weight.

There has definitely been a recent renewal in the popularity of liquid diets since the 1970s, probably as a result of two factors.

The new and improved liquid diet drinks of today are advertised as much healthier and safer, and more and more people are interesting in dieting than ever before.

Research indicates that people who maintain healthy weights will live an average of three years longer. They will also have a 25% less danger of heart attack and as much as a 35% less likelihood of suffering from heart failure or stroke.

Liquid diets are often successful, at least during the recommended twelve week course, because they are so quick and convenient to use. They also usually remove the dieter from all the food temptations that come with being in a food environment. If you are considering a Liquid Diet Weight Loss, facts can probably be learned from online information as well as your physician.

Not only do doctors sometimes prescribe liquid diets for people who cannot digest solid food, but they also occasionally place their severely obese patients on these regimens to help them lose pounds rapidly if they need to have upcoming surgery or are at immediate risk in some other way. With over 34 million obese people in this country, the equivalent of about 1/3 of the population is at some increased level of probability for eventual weight-related health issues. Obesity is considered to be 20% above the recommended weight for one’s size.

Doctor-supervised low calorie liquid diets of 400-800 calories a day can help with rapid weight loss of 3-4 pounds a week and are recommended for no longer than twelve week sessions. For the seriously obese, these high protein shakes will start to produce significant results within a few weeks.

Lower blood lipids, sugars, and even blood pressure are the most immediate results as the pounds start to come off. Regular weigh-ins are very important to maintain this type of diet, and the next step, learning to eat sensibly without supervision, is crucial to maintaining long term weight loss.

Liquid diets are often used by those with less weight to lose, but who have tried a variety of programs without doctor supervision. Substituting 1 or 2 liquid meals a day for regular ones and then eating a low-fat 3rd meal can also reduce calories and pounds.

At least 30 minutes of exercise for 5 or 6 days each week will be necessary to keep your metabolism from slowing down and impeding weight loss. Those who are most successful are highly motivated and have tapped into a support group.

Making long term behavioral changes is the only way to guarantee that the lost weight will not be regained when the switch is eventually made back to solid food meals. Since only about 5% of dieters manage to effectively keep their weight off, this is a very serious consideration.

When it comes to Liquid Diet Weight Loss – All You Need to Know is that this is a process and not a quick fix. If you are motivated, disciplined, and committed to keeping those pounds off permanently, this weight loss method might work well for you.

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