Best Leg Exercises For Sexy Toned Legs

Best Leg Exercises For Sexy Toned Legs

The best exercises for sexy legs are, strangely, the simplest ones.

Going to the gym is great and has many benefits, but if toning up your legs to look great in that summer dress is the goal, that goal can be achieved at home, or during the lunch hour; four exercises done every other day will get you there.

Starting with the leg flex, sit up straight in a desk chair and slowly raise one heel until your leg is straight in front of you. Keep it there for ten seconds before lowering it, and then do the same to the other leg.

Do this very slowly, alternating legs until both legs have done five repetitions. If this seems quite easy, lift the leg an inch or so higher before holding it for ten seconds.

Find a low-traffic stairway for the next two exercises. To do the second exercise for sexy legs in our series, stand up straight and place both feet on the bottom stair with the heels dropping off.

Use the banister for balance if you need to. Keeping your back straight, raise up on your toes and come back down, letting your heels drop below the stair. Do this very slowly, and do three sets with fifteen repetitions in each set. Give yourself a twenty second break between each set.

To do the third exercise for sexy legs, place one foot securely on the bottom step. With your back straight and your arms at your hips, or out in front of you, very slowly lower yourself until your other foot just taps the ground, then very slowly return to allow that foot to tap the step.

Do this fifteen times on one side, and again on the other side. Work up to doing several sets with fifteen repetitions each, and a short break between. If this seems quite easy, find a sturdy utility step that has more height than your stairway's step and use it, instead.

The fourth exercise for sexy legs is to do walking lunges. These can be done while holding weights (one or two gallon jugs of water is often a great home substitute for a medicine ball in this instance) or not. Starting with both feet together and standing up straight, take one giant step forward.

Firmly plant your forward foot and allow your rear knee to drop as far to the ground as is comfortable. Slowly bring your rear foot forward. Walk across a large room this way, or down a hallway, and as you are able, add more distance.

Exercise is key to cardio and losing the flab on your body. You can be toned underneath but need to burn off the fat covering it. Try a cellulite cream today to help minimize those fat dimples while you are working on your toned legs.

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