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Cosmo is THE women's magazine. Find all type of love, beauty and hot issues that affect women. Get advice from great writers, take fun quizzes to see what type of a person you are, and just relax and read a great magazine.

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Catch up on your sex life and love life. Has it become boring? Find tricks and women's tips to spice it up with your man. Learn new positions, dating ideas, and things to do with your guy to keep your relationship alive.

Get hair and beauty tips. See how the stars look gorgeous all the time. Find makeup tips, makeup online, hair styling tips for your face and hair type, and much more. Also get celeb style info to copy their look!

Good tips of beauty, relationships and food!

Women love to throw a good party with food! Find foods, munchies, main dishes and cocktails to make for your next girls night or couples get-together. Food and drink make the night so much more fun, and you can also exchange recipes for next time.

Take fun quizzes about love, relationships, boyfriends, sex positions and the type of worker you are in the business world. You don't have to take them too seriously, but you can get a better understanding of your likes and dislikes and realize them better. You will also find advice for relationships and other areas in your life you may need help with.

Did you know there is a Cosmo for guys? Let your guy read after you do. It's tells what women want, right from the source. He can see how to be amazing in bed, learn more about how women think, sex positions and more. Let both of you keep up with Cosmo.

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