Dictionary Boss Toolbar for Spell Check and Translations

Download your free dictionary and reference toolbar today. It's always good to know how to spell something, what it means, or how to say it in another language!

With the installation of this toolbar, users gain access to spell check, dictionary look-up, translations, and more. Add the best online dictionary resources right to your browser.

It's always good to know how to spell something, or know what it means. You may feel like an idiot if you use the wrong word, phrase or term in a sentence. Make sure your grammar and spelling is correct. The Dictionary Boss toolbar can help.

Online dictionary toolbar

Books are becoming obsolete. Who goes to the library and reads any more? You can get books online, read them on your Kindle or other media player, and do everything on a digital front. Use the Dictionary Boss to your advantage in this technological world.

Access spell check, dictionary look up, translations and more. Get it from respected sources too, just just anyone's dictionary! Your words will come from trusted places like dictionary.com and Wikipedia. Plus, there is no registration.

  • Toolbar Search - A search box in the browser toolbar.
  • Auto Search - Allows direct searching from the address bar.
  • Error Search - Shows potentially correct pages and search results for bad web addresses.
  • Related Search - Displays related search terms in band at the bottom of the browser at popular search engines.
  • Search Match - Shows similar searches at popular search engines in one pop-under per browser session.
  • Travel Search - Shows comparative prices while shopping for airline tickets or rental cars.
  • Reference Button - Get 1 click access to an encyclopedia of information.

Find the meanings and definitions of words. Free online dictionaries are all over the place. With spell check on most computer writing programs, no one hardly uses dictionaries and thesauruses anymore. However, if you had it right on your browser toolbar, you might be more apt to look things up once in a while.

Knowledge is power. With a larger vocabulary and knowledge of what words mean, you can have an intelligent conversation with someone and also be able to understand what is going on around you. Try using different adjectives and words in sentences that you learn. After a while, they will become second nature and not sound foreign to you.

Find the meanings to words

Download your free dictionary and reference toolbar today. Don't know how to spell that word? Just look it up with the dictionary toolbar. What does that word mean, look it up fast. 1 click access to information.

Dictionaries are great reference tools. Not only can you see what a word means, but it has variations of verb tenses, uses in sentences, and other words that mean the same thing. Make your education work for you. Purposely get this useful dictionary toolbar and use it every day! Increase your word power!

Dictionaries online can also contain other interesting content. Since it is not taking up paper and bookshelf space, an online dictionary can have page after page of info if need be. See the origin of words and phrases too. You can learn a lot!

Dictionary Boss Toolbar for Spell Check and Translations Get your dictionary toolbar here

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