My Web Face Toolbar Make Yourself into a Cartoon

With the installation of the MyWebFace Toolbar, users build an animated image of their own face to be used on their blogs or social networks.

This easy-to-use tool enables you to create your online cartoon look-a-like avatar.

Choose from an enormous variety of features and characteristics, looks and styles, accessories and fashions to create your face.

Once you've created the cartoon look you want, save your MyWebFace cartoon in a wide selection of sizes and upload as your Facebook® profile, use FB Connect(R) to post on your wall or download to use on other social networks or favorite messaging tool.

Turn yourself into a cartoon! Use your new cartoon web face for Facebook and other social network sites.

Bonus: Also includes GirlSense®, Smiley CentralTM, WebfettiTM, Cursor ManiaTM, Popular ScreensaversTM, MyFunCardsTM, the MyWebSearch® search box and Search Assistant - relevant search results even when you mistype a web address!

My Web Face Toolbar Make Yourself into a Cartoon Cartoon yourself with My Web Face

Create your cartoon image from your likeness. Turn yourself into a cartoon! Use My Web Face for Facebook profiles, AIM avatars, chat room profiles, yahoo 360.. anything you can think of! Here's a screenshot from the tool which shows how customizable the avatars are. You can make it look almost exactly like you!

My Web Face Toolbar Make Yourself into a Cartoon Create a cartoon avatar in your own likeness for Free with My Web Face. Get started now!

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