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Find brand name contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, and more. Get the best lenses at the best prices.

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With over 5.5 Million lenses in stock, Contacts America has the contact lenses you need. Get name brands and hard to find specialty lenses too.

No matter what the contact lense brand or type you need, you can probably find it at Contacts America. If you already know your prescription, just order your contacts online and save the hassle of ordering through the eye doctor.

  • Acuvue
  • Biomedics
  • Focus
  • Freshlook
  • toric contact lenses
  • colored contacts
  • bifocal contacts
  • multifocal lenses

What type of contact lenses do you need? Contacts America carries 1 to 2 week disposables, bifocal lenses, color disposables, daily disposables, gas permeable, monthly disposable, novelty lenses, silicone hydrogel, store brands, toric lenses and vial lenses.

Contacts America Buy Contact Lenses Online Get discounted contact lenses

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