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Thermos is one of the leaders in food and beverage storage containers. Thermos manufactures consistently high quality products made from the best available materials. Thermos products are tested to ensure that the materials and processes are safe and their products reliable.

Thermos is one of those name brand items that has become a household term for any type of container that keeps in the hot or cold of the food inside. Just like Kleenex, you use the term interchangeably with tissue. Kleenex is name brand, tissue is generic. Thermos is name brand, insulated container is generic.

When hot matters, Thermos is there. When cold matters, Thermos is there. Have you ever taken hot chocolate in an insulated Thermos to work or to play outside in the cold? How about a nice container of soup that is still hot at lunch? Thermos creates insulated food and beverage containers, bottles, mugs, cups and more to keep your food at the temperature you want it at.

How does a Thermos work?

The technology behind the Thermos is insulation! A vacuum insulation by TherMax provides an airless vacuum space between the outside layer of your container and the inner layer where your food is stored. This vacuum insulation nearly eliminates temperature change. It's the best insulation out there! Think about double pane glass windows. They work in the same manner to keep your home at a constant temperature.

A better insulated container provides you with hotter, colder and fresher beverages. The Thermos brand glass vacuum technology provides thermal insulation that matches no other. It stays cool to the touch, even if the contents are hot! The container stays lightweight as well, so it is not a bother to carry around with you.

The Thermos was first created in 1904 by two glassblowers. It was a vacuum flask manufactured for commercial use and the trademark was sold in 1907. The thermos has been famous from the start. It accompanied Robert Peary to the Artic, Roosevelt's expedition to Mombassa, the Congo with Richard Harding Davis, airborne with the Wright Brothers and in the Zeppelin balloon.

Thermos, not just for food and beverages

Did you know that the Thermos and its corresponding technology of vacuum glass insulation has played a major role in history? It has helped in the fields of science, medicine and industry as well. The products developed by Thermos and the vacuum technology have been used in different types of instruments to measure electricity, rate of climb in airplanes, oil deposit detection machines and even weather recording instruments.

The excellent temperature recording quality of the Thermos brand products have helped in transportation of important goods as well. Not only has Thermos made containers to keep ice cream cold and fish frozen before the manufacture of commercial refrigeration, but it has helped transport tropical fish which need a constant and steady warm temperature. Blood plasma, serums, bones, tissue and insulin as well have been carried in Thermos brand coolers and containers to keep the temperature constant.

Are you a green environmentalist? Think about it, everyone wants to conserve energy, use less packaging and product, and throw out less garbage. Thermos has been living green since the start! As the creator of the original reusable bottle, you can keep cold things cold and hot things hot without refrigeration or heaters. You are using less product plus saving on energy. And you reuse Thermos containers again and again!

Try an original Thermos bottle today. Called the "commuter bottle", it keeps your liquids at just the right temperature for longer. It has an easy open lid, easy pour design and easy to carry. Plus, it doesn't sweat, or have condensation, on the outside. That is the beauty of an airless glass insulation vacuum system at work.

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