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Showing Off Your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar?

If you are looking for a fun, unique and creative way to express your individuality online, look no further than your own Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar, available at As soon as you go to their site, you’ll start right off designed your very own Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar! Whether it’s a male or female character, you control everything for hairstyles and color, eye color, facial features, body style and much, much more!

When you have your very own Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar, you’ll even be able to dress up your character however you want! There are a ton of different fashion styles and wardrobes to choose from, and you can even purchase additional clothing options for the Zwinkys store! You can choose a background picture to go behind your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar, as well. So not only can you create a computer version of yourself, you can even put your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar in a variety of fun locations, whether you’ve actually ever been there in real life or not.

A Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar is a great way to keep track of your future goals, as well. Do you dream of making it big as a pro baseball player? Put your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar in a baseball player’s uniform! If it is designer clothes you dream of, you can try them out first on your Zwinky to get a better sense of what it might look like on your real life person. There is all kinds of things you can do with your Zwinky – be creative!

And there are a ton of places you can show off your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar after you’ve created it however you want at Use it as your default picture on MySpace or FaceBook, and let all of your friends see your new, hip avatar. But these aren’t the only sites where you can show off your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar.

Additionally, you can display your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar on message boards, in internet chat rooms – you can even place your avatar on your own personal webpage or online blog! And of course, you can make sure that your Zwinky gets the recognition that he or she deserves right on, too. Here they are constantly displaying the newest and hottest Zwinkys that have been created by people just like you!

Even celebrities are getting in on the Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar craze, as well – and this too can be seen just from looking at their website. Here you’ll find computerized Zwinky makeovers of all your favorite celebrities. It’s true – has everybody from Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland, to 50 Cent and Aly & AJ.

In light of the recent success enjoyed by the Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar website, there are plenty of sites on the World Wide Web right now who are trying to imitate Zwinky and cash in on their customer base. Don’t be fooled by their competitors, many of which charge money for the same services that Zwinky offers to all of their customers for free! When you are showing off your Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar, you’ll be able to take pride in knowing that Zwinkys are the original – and this is a claim that no other custom avatar site can make.

If you need a high quality, fun internet avatar that provides plenty of free customization options, you've found it in the Free Zwinkys Customizable Avatar available at Once you see how cute and adorable these little characters are, you’re sure to fall instantly in love.

Chat with friends on any webpage - even your profile! Create your own free Zwinky. Pick what clothes to wear, hairstyle and cool shades you like. Toolbar Features: 100's of cool outfits and extras, Bonus: Also includes Smiley Central™, Cursor Mania™, Popular Screensavers™, the MyWebSearch search box and Search Assistant - relevant search results in response to incorrectly formatted browser address requests. Access Zwinky from your browser. Search the web directly from your browser. For ease of use, a search box will appear before the address bar. Get your own free Zwinky today!

Zwinky Customizable Avatar Create your personalized Zwinky

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