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If finance has become the center of every family discussion and trauma, it is time to take stock of what you have and what you do not have.

Our economy is not going to get better any time soon, so you must learn to live with the available money coming in each month.

It is hard for everyone, but you will survive beyond the hardships you now face and become a happy person. Finding the right solution in order to live through each day is important to the happiness of your family.

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Begin by making a family decision not to buy anything in the way of food, clothing, or other items for one week. During that week sit down and figure out how much money you have to pay the monthly bills and how much is left over each week.

Once this is done, the answer will be simple. You have to cut expenses or increase income. The solution is simple, the action is a lot harder to do. But breaking down the answer to one simple sentence brings it into focus for everyone.

Cut expenses anywhere possible. Even the kids have to give up activities they are used to enjoying. If you are stuck in a contract with satellite TV, finish it out and then cancel it. Get basic cable if you are in an area that does not have any kind of reception.

Keep it simple. If you are not willing to give up fast food, choose two nights a month when the family goes out together for a great, cheap meal. Get meals in regular size. No increasing the size at a higher cost. Spend time outdoors doing something together for free.

Find free concerts in your area or take a short trip to the local lake or river. Along with the hardship, you will find a lot of good family memories to look back on.

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