Grant Research Guide

Grants are available to those with invention ideas, small businesses, students and non-profit organizations. Grants are funding from the government that allows these individuals to be granted funds that will allow that individual to realise the potential of a service, products or technological advancement.

Grant Research Guide

There are hundreds of thousands of grants available in the United States, and with each company the application process and eligibility requirements differ. When researching a grant, how do you find an opportunity that matches your vision? First, find an organization that supports the type of government grant that matches your vision. Next, scrutinize the mission and values of the organization to ensure that the values and morals match between the organization and the individual applying for the grant.

Every government grant requires an application from the person trying to obtain the grant. Before the application has been filled, ensure that your organization is eligible for funding. This information can be obtained by phoning, emailing or visiting the funding office, or researching the website on the internet to find the pertinent information.

The internet is a valuable tool when applying for government grants. Applications, organizations and eligibility requirements, as well as the hundreds of thousands of opportunities are listed categorically on various websites. Did you know that grant seekers are able to visit one website and fill in information to obtain information for thousands of grants?

When seeking grants, the internet should be used to determine which grants that the applicant is eligible for, as well as determining which elements are found in a successful grant letter, or a successful grant application and proposal.

Typically, the review process for a grant varies between two months and one year with the average approval time being six months. When applying for a grant, it is important to realise that time frames vary and therefore immediate funding should be sought from other sources such as investors, fundraisers or from personal savings funds.

Many times, before an application is submitted with the organization a grant letter is completed to convey the importance of the funding to the organization. This two page letter will include;

  • The budget for the project
  • The importance of the project to the community, the organization and the country
  • The results that are expected from the funding
  • An outline of the purpose of the group applying for the grant

If the letter is successful, than the organization that is providing the grant will communicate with the applicant about the next step. This often includes a formal proposal which can be accompanied by a formal invitation.

Many applicants are unaware that there are certain things that they can do to give their project priority among the rest, these include: having funding from other sources aside from the grant, have something to teach young people or a project that focuses on youth, have a definite time frame, partnering with other groups to achieve the goal faster and with more results and the ability demonstrate how these results are going to be shared with other people.

Many times, the applicants ensure that the letter is written as effectively as possible through the use of an experienced freelance writer or copywriter. This will ensure all ideas are organized well, effective language is used and all of the key ideas have been demonstrated within the government grant application.

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Grant Research Guide Get grant money today

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