Sony PSP Madden 2012 Bundle

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The 2012 football season has already started. Who are you rooting for and want to win the playoffs or Superbowl? As with real football, it is time for another season with Madden NFL 12. This is a football video game where you can pick your winning team of players.

Each year you can get the new lineup of current players so you can play right along with the teams. John Madden is a Superbowl winning coach of the Oakland Raiders and is noted for his football expertise and commentator abilities.

In the game you can get realistic playbooks, players stats and voice commentary. It makes you feel like you are right in the game and as if it was a real TV broadcast. Every year a new version comes out. Get 2012 now and stay in the video game swing.

The Madden NFL 12 package features running back Peyton Hillis on the cover. It was released just in August 2011. Last year's game was updated with even more features for realistic play and information, including Online Team Play, Online Scouting and attribute boosts for co-op play.

Sony PSP Madden 2012 Bundle Participate now for your Madden 2009

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