Coastal Contacts Get A Free Pair of Contacts

Coastal/Clearly Contacts is one of the biggest names in glasses/contacts. Get your first pair of contacts or glasses free when you shop today.

Do you need new contact lenses or glasses? Shop at, or Coastal Contacts, to get a great pair of glasses. They are super fast, have free shipping, on orders over $99, and have year long return policies in case you are not fully satisfied.

Buying glasses is easy

Buying glasses and contacts from is awesome and easy. If you do not believe this, then try your first pair for free and see the difference. Just use code: FirstPairFree. Shop for glasses now. You can also find designer prescription sunglasses for the summer!

Name brand glasses, sunglasses and contact. Which brand do you like? Pick from just some of these popular brands. Share Coastal Contacts on Facebook and let them get their first pair free too. Free is good, spread the joy of a good bargain.

  • Nike
  • Derek Cardigan
  • Jill Stuart
  • Love
  • Calvin Klein
  • Transitions
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Acuvue
  • Air Optix
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Splash
  • Dailies
  • Fresh Look
  • Acuvue Oasys

Treat your eyes with fresh new contacts. There are daily, weekly or monthly contacts to choose from. In addition, you can find colored contacts to change your eye color. Be different, have fun! Choose a category or brand to get started.

Looking for something different? Did you know there are special effect contacts and ones just for Halloween? Make your outfit perfect with special effects eyes. You will make people do a double take! Be able to see with your prescription in a fun contact lense, or even get non prescription ones if your eyes are good. Just use them for the special affect aspect.

Find hot glasses

Glasses have never been hotter. Find the perfect pair of glasses for you. There are so many different options for eyeglasses. Check some out at Coastal Contacts. What are you looking for in glasses? Mens, womens, plastic frames, metal frames, rimless, semi rimless?

The materials that eyeglasses are made out of might surprises you. From metal and titanium to wood, there are all types of glasses styles to suit your fancy. Anyone can get a pair of glasses. From glasses under $50 to high end, get a pair so you won't go through life blindly.

Don't be a victim of overpriced vision care products. Eyeglasses and contacts don't have to break your budget. Today, has become one of the largest online retailers of contact lenses and eyeglasses, by offering an alternative method of purchasing eyewear online, and supplying you with the same designer brands and products offered in brick-and-mortar stores for half the price.

Find a unique selection of eyewear styles from geek chic to business casual, carefully selected based on fashion trends and feedback from you, the customer. Glasses and contact lenses don't cost hundreds of dollars to make, so why are you paying that much? Don't fall for the retail scams, pay less and save at Coastal Contacts!

Coastal Contacts Get A Free Pair of Contacts Get a free pair of glasses or contacts

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