ID Smarter No More Stolen Identity Trouble

Nearly 10 million Americans have their identity stolen every year and ID Smarter helps users to not be one of them. Get identity theft protection today.

Nowadays it's not enough to say your computer is protected from hackers, viruses and keystroke loggers. The sad truth is that ingenious identity thieves are always finding new ways to get around those protections and get at your personal information.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Did you know that signing up for your free trial not only protects your identity, it also gives you free access to your credit report, plus a copy of your current Identity Risk Score and the practical steps you can take to improve it. Normally you'd pay $XX each for those reports, but you get them free during your trial of IDSmarter.

  • How safe is your identity?
  • See if your daily routine is putting your identity in jeopardy.
  • Do the things you do from day to day give away personal information?

They might simply steal your computer or laptop. Or they may steal your information from another computer -- at your doctor's office, or at a store where you shop regularly and use your credit card.

But, really, they don't even need computers. If they steal your wallet or your cell phone, they can get all the information they need to take over your identity. And believe it or not, some resourceful thieves will pay a few bucks to some street person to go through garbage bins looking for old utility bills and bank or credit card statements.

Naturally, you want to try to stop thieves before they get at your identity. But that isn't always possible. Everybody is vulnerable to them.

    The very best protection against identity thieves is:
  • Protection that puts up security barriers to your information.
  • Protection through real-time monitoring, to alert you the moment any security barriers are breached, or if there is suspicious activity on any of your bank or  credit card accounts.
  • Protection that automatically takes steps to shut down the fraudulent activity.
  • Protection that replaces any losses and restores your good name and credit

All this quickly and without fail. And that is exactly what IDSmarter does. Yes, we protect your computer activities, but we do much more than that. Try IDSmarter FREE for one full week. See for yourself how our smart ID protection stops identity fraud in its tracks, before the thieves have a chance to harm your finances or reputation.

Discover how our restoration experts can quickly restore your bank and credit card accounts -- and your credit rating -- to the state they were in before the fraud. Try IDSmarter right away, today, before the ID thieves strike. This trial is absolutely risk FREE.

ID Smarter No More Stolen Identity Trouble Protect your Identity

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