Rocket Lawyer Do It Yourself Legal Documents Online

Rocket Lawyer will give you access to the most innovative do-it-yourself legal documents service in the industry. Use a brand whose products and brand is trusted by millions of customers.

Rocket Lawyer is simple to use and as easy as 1-2-3. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Business Wire, PC Magazine, and Kiplinger’s.

Rocket Lawyer is the easiest and fastest way for consumers to create legal documents for their home or business. Customers go through a short interview process and can get help through live chat or our other online resources.

    Rocket Lawyer products include:
  • Hundreds of Personal and Business Legal Forms, such as Power of Attorney, Wills, Leases, Living Trusts, Prenuptial Agreements and many more.
  • Total Legal Care Plan: Our monthly and annual membership plans include unlimited Legal Document Access, unlimited E-Signature Services, unlimited File Safekeeper™ Document Storage, discounted Live Counsel™ instant legal advice service, and more.

The documents range from $29.95 (for an easy Power of Attorney) to $119.95 (for Total Legal Care™ Plan membership).

Save up to 90% on legal documents. Create your legal documents in 3 easy steps. The pricing is affordable and you get lots of legal help and access to legal resources. Rockey Lawyer was created by professional lawyers.

If you are not sure of which legal form to use, consider Rocket Lawyer's check up tool to evaluate which form is best for your legal need.

"Rocket Lawyer members receive a personalized, dynamic Legal Health ScoreTM of 1 to 100 that summarizes their current legal health. Members improve their Legal Health Score through Rocket Lawyer legal plans that provide a simple and affordable way to personalize, share, print, and e-Sign important legal documents, a convenient legal calendar that outlines next steps, and access to hundreds of free legal help articles on a variety of legal topics."

Rocket Lawyer Do It Yourself Legal Documents Online Prepare your own legal documents

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