The Education Needed to Become a Travel Agent

The Education Needed to Become a Travel Agent

For the person who enjoys travel, meeting people and has a flair for planning and organization, becoming a travel agent may be the ideal career choice.

Travel agents not only help their customers book flights and hotels, they also suggest and book activities for their customers. If a client is traveling to Atlanta Georgia, a travel agent should be aware of not only the best flight and hotel options but also the be able to suggest nearby activities relevant to their customer. Your not just selling a deal, your helping plan a memorable trip or vacation.

With the many different types of agencies and the growth in the travel industry the long-term prospects for this job market are excellent.

Although not required, many agencies prefer that their agents have some sort of formal training. The education needed to become a travel agent is readily available and not complicated to achieve. Certification programs to become an agent are found at many community colleges or classes are even available online.

Online degrees that are useful if your looking to becoming a travel agent include marketing, communication and business administration. With an associates of arts in business administration you can gain the skills you need to research, organize and book vacations or travel details around the world. Obtaining an associates of arts in business administration increases your hiring potential with a large range of job opportunities. If your wanting to jump into the constant demand market of the travel industry be sure you seek out the educational program that provides you with the hire-ability skills you need in this growing market.

A good certification program will cover the basics of the travel industry to help familiarize the potential travel agent with the basics of the airlines, cruiselines, hotels, resorts and travel laws.

Some of the subjects covered in the needed education to become a travel agent include:

  1. Reservation software training. This may include one or more of the following: Sabre, Apollo, Galileo, Worldspan or Amadeus GDS. It will be to the travel agent's advantage to have a good grasp of the basics of using the available software.

  2. Various modes of travel. It is necessary to be familiar with the different types of travel and transportation available such as domestic and international air travel, cruises and ground travel.

  3. Money and budgeting. To be an effective travel agent education is helpful to learn the best ways to make plans that work within the client's budget.

  4. Communication. To ensure the best experience for the client, a travel agent must be able to communicate effectively to make arrangements for the entire travel itinerary. This includes transportation, accommodations and any other desired aspect of the requested travel plan.

  5. Marketing and sales. The success of a career in travel depends as much on the ability to sell effectively as in being able to arrange travel. If marketed improperly the travel agents career will not be as effective.

  6. Rules and regulations of international travel.

Although formal education isn't required by law for someone to work as a travel agent, the agent with the needed education will have a definite advantage in the workplace and in establishing a successful career.

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