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Students are not the richest individuals.

However, many students either travel far from their home to attend school or need to travel to destinations for vacation and job interviews. The question that many students end up having is "Can students get good deals on travel airfare?"

The short and simple answer is YES! One of the best methods for a student to find a discount on airfare is to book in advance. Most students know when they have off for vacation and should try to book their flight at least six months before hand.

Savvy students should also try low cost airlines that often offer great discounts for everyone. These airlines may even have special sales where a student can book a very discounted fare. Low cost airlines are just one answer to can students get good deals on travel airfare.

Another great resource for students is a travel agent. While many individuals believe they are better at securing a travel deal, there still may be some push available for a well recognized travel agent. When you ask a travel agent, "Can students get good deals on travel airfare?", they are going to say yes!

Some airlines, especially when traveling international love to give students discounts. The student discount age in Europe extends to age 26 but may/may not garner any lower airfare for a transcontinental flight. A travel agent will know in the ins and outs of this process.

Lastly, consult with other students. Many fellow students have traveled on spring break or to popular cities for people with the same major as yours. They will know when the best time to go is, how much airline tickets cost them and all of the other important details that can make a trip a success.

Students can travel all around the world for next to nothing. Knowing when to travel and purchasing a ticket in advance are just two of the many methods that students use to travel on the cheap. Consult your local travel agent or ask other college students who have traveled to a destination before what their advice is. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

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