Avoid Getting Seasick On Your Cruise

Avoid Getting Seasick On Your Cruise

Seasickness is very much painful and causes instant nausea, vomiting sensation, dizziness, severe headaches including cold sweats.

While traveling on a cruise, sea sickness can spoil your dream cruise trip into a nightmare. A research from the University of Maryland Medical Center or UMMC proves that sea sickness varies in persons showing mild effects in some people, whereas completely incapacitating others.

Though there is a lot of ways to get rid of this serious problem, by proper planning and treatment, instant medication is very much necessary to avoid getting seasick on your cruise.

Symptoms of sea sickness generally appear after initial signs of telltales in the body causing lethargy and a slight drowsiness. Victims usually show a nauseous feeling and later cold sweat. The symptoms gradually increase causing pale skin and greenish face. Eventually, the nausea feeling becomes uncontrollable leading to violent vomiting.

So, certain steps should be followed to avoid getting seasick on your cruise tour.

  • Always plan for a shorter cruise trip if you are prone to seasickness. If you have to choose a long trip, then look for an itinerary with few sea days as a ship on port doesn't make you seasick.
  • Choose a large ship, as the large vessels are less subject to apparent motion unless the water is extremely rough.
  • Better to book your cruise at that time of the year when the sea or ocean is typically calm.
  • Pack all necessary medication and natural remedies such as ginger root and Vitamin B supplements to fight seasickness. They give instant relief and help to avoid getting seasick on your cruise.
  • Before casting off, it is advisable to use antihistamine. These medicines also help in giving relief while preventing seasickness to appear.
  • Spicy and rich foods should be avoided before and during the voyage. Even alcohols and apples hasten the seasickness symptoms; so avoid them as well.
  • During long trips a prescription medication called Transderm-Scopolamine patch should be used.
  • Choose mid-ship stateroom as the top levels are more likely to sudden jerks.
  • Lastly, always stay hydrated and drink a plenty of water during the voyage.

Susceptibility towards seasickness is found in one among ten individuals. Usage of prophylactic drug is a best tactics to avoid getting seasick on your cruise. It is always better to check the side effects before intake of any new drug. Certain drugs such as meclizine, promethazine, cinnarizine or dimenhydrinate are quite successful in curing and avoiding sea sickness. If you plan a trip effectively and take safety measure, it is easy to avoid getting seasick on your cruise.

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