Cell Phone Service At Sea While On A Cruise

Cell Phone Service At Sea While On A Cruise

Thinking of going on a cruise for a week but you would still like to stay in contact with your family?

A lot of cruise ships now offer new wave of technology to enable the on board cruisers out to sea to use their cell phone to stay in touch back home with out any extra dialing procedures or any extra software.

This new on board technology allows you to make phone calls using your cell phone by connecting the call via satellite to cell phone towers on land and then to whom ever you are calling.

Why you are on the ship and you make the cell phone call the ship actually acts as the cell phone tower to connect your call. The ship turns itself on when leaving and once you reach a port it turns itself off again. Now you wont have to rent a phone or use a pay phone once you reach a port.

Unfortunately with convenience also comes a price. Your cell phone provider may charge you upwards of $9.99 a minute for international roaming. So make sure that before you call you are checking the rates so you don't rack up a huge bill either with the ship or your cellular service provider. Most ships will even charge up to $15 a minute to use the phone in your room. Thses costs are then put onto you onboard tab on the cruise ship.

Aside from phone calls a lot of cruise ships offer 24/7 internet access as well. So you need to do all of your research before you leave on the ship. That way you will still be able to electronicly reach your loved ones back home with email without incurring any costs.

Cell phone service at sea while on a cruise is now a possibility. A few years ago this was only a dream. So the next time you are on a cruise you can call you best friend back home and let them listen to all the fun you are having while on board your ship! There will be nothing to hold you back from taking the cruise of your lifetime.

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