Fun Family Travel Destinations In The USA

Summer is the time to get the family together and take that long anticipated vacation. Some of the best Fun Family Travel Destinations In The USA are within an easy drive or flight from home.

For the adventurous family, the perfect vacation is a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. The family can hike, horseback, or donkey ride from the rim of the canyon to the canyon floor. The trail down is a breathtaking day- long adventure.

If the family craves some adrenaline pumping thrills, there is nothing more exciting than white water rafting down the Colorado River. The trip through the canyon will challenge the most hearty adventurer. Nature lovers and camera enthusiasts can enjoy the many changing vistas of the canyon, and the abundance of different wildlife indigenous to the desert environment throughout the park.

Another Fun Family vacation is Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The park is open all year and offers fun and excitement for the whole family. They have packages designed for families that includes a combination cruise, hotel, and park stay for one inclusive price.

Every child and adult loves the "Magic Kingdom" and there are enough rides and attractions to satisfy everyone. Disney World includes more than just the "Magic Kingdom Park". "Epcot Center" is an adventure in itself. The family can experience what it may be like in the future at "Future World", and can also share an educational experience at "World Showcase" that features different countries from around the world- their lifestyles, dress, food, and customs. "Animal Kingdom" Disney's newest attraction, features a trip through Africa.

The state of Colorado offers another Family Travel Destination combining natural beauty with an abundance of parks and attractions to entertain. Denver is a travel destination in itself with "The Denver Aquarium"- the only saltwater aquarium in the state- houses a variety of fish, mammals, and animals in different ecological zones throughout the world.

"Elitch Garden"s"- one of the Six Flags parks- has enough white knuckle rides to satisfy the most avid thrill seeker. For a great educational experience the entire family can enjoy, there is the "Denver Museum of Natural History"- one of the top museums in the country featuring exhibits from around the world and special attractions- the "IMAX" theater is one of the top 3D theaters in the nation.

Colorado is unmatched for natural beauty and family enjoyment. The Rocky Mountains offer the perfect family vacation. Walking the many different kinds of trails from novice to veteran hiker, is a great way to experience nature.

Camping is another great fun family vacation and there are many campsites that cater exclusively to families and are easily accessible. One of the three most popular attractions in the state are: "Rocky Mountain National Park" (within the park are numerous trails, towering peaks, wildlife, and the highest continuous highway in the United States- Trail Ridge road-).

"Durango" (home of the" Durango Silverton" train that takes passengers on a one-day trip through the southern mountains of Colorado to the historic mining town of "Silverton"), and "Mesa Verde National Park" (ancient cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians who lived in southern Colorado over a thousand years ago and disappeared mysteriously leaving behind their perfectly preserved buildings).

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